How To Create Surreal Images On Your Phone February 7, 2017 – Posted in: How to – Tags: , , , , , ,

Before the inception of photo editing softwares like Photoshop, this was done on film. Thanks to technology, now you don’t even need Photoshop to create these images.

There are numerous mobile apps you can now use to create surreal dreamlike images by playing with multiple photo layers.

Out of all the photo editing apps available, I would advice using Picsart. Picsart has literally ALL the features of a high end photo editing software. All you have to do is know how to use the right tools. Picsart is available on iOS as well as Android devices, I have used both the versions and the functionality is the same.

Here are some of the images I’ve created using PicsArt:

double exposure

Here’s how you can do this too. Ready?

1. Open picture 1

2. You’ll find an option called “Add pic” on PicsArt. Add picture 2 using this option.

3. Crop and place picture two on top of picture 1. Placing the picture depends on how you want your final image to look like.

4. *Important* OPACITY! This is what gets it done. DO NOT forget to decrease the opacity of Picture 2. You will find the opacity option as soon as you open pic 2.

5. Depending on the general idea, tone and mood of your final image, you can change the blending option of the two images. For ex: For the image below, I used the “Screen” option. Similarly you can use “Darken”, “Overlay” or “Multiply”.

Use a filter of your choice once you finish the overlaying so it gives a consistent tone to your photo.

Andddd that’s a wrap!

Easy right? Right you are!