The Concept Of *The Cool Girl* February 7, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion, Lifestyle – Tags: , , , ,

There is a lot of talk revolving the “concept of cool”. The cool girl. Or the cool boy. What does it mean? How to become one? How to have one in your life?

Let us break it down for a while.

Everyone strives to be a cool girl and look cool, at least once in their lives. The cool one looks effortless stylish in almost anything she wears…even if it’s a sack. She looks pretty hot with her hair and makeup done but hotter when she has messy hair and no makeup on. She is aloof as she is down to earth. Everyone wants to be her. Everyone wants to date her. She can talk football and play games, down a couple of beers and still maintain a size 0. There have been debates that “being cool” is not something you can learn from someone or fake. You are either cool or you’re not.

Some of us spend a lot of time and effort trying to be cool. I have seen, and I’m sure you have too, seen people in your lives losing so much of themselves in an effort to be cool and be  universally desired.

Here’s the thing about that cool girl. She does not exist.

That cool boy? Neither does he.

The cool girl/boy is a myth. And that is why you can’t fake it. The word itself is arbitrary. What might seem cool to you might not seem cool to me. The definition of cool changes every five seconds. Don’t lose yourself while trying to keep up with it.

Don’t be that cool girl. Cause in your effort to be that, you forget one important thing. And that thing, of course, is you and your style. Participate in the ever changing fashion trends but don’t let it overshadow who you are. You don’t have to commit long term in fashion and that’s what makes it so much fun. Like a sweet summer fling with no strings attached.

Be rad and dress however you feel like. Wanna go out in your sweat pants? You can. Wanna wear a fab dress and go break a few hearts? Do that too. As long as you’re not trying to be someone else’s definition of the perfect cool girl, you’ll be alright. Good style doesn’t aim to impress anyone but yourself.

Go on and be your awkward uncool cool self. Coz we love that. And so should you.