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Unless you’ve been living under a rock,  you’ll know that Pokemon GO is the world’s latest obsession.   We’ve all seen the celebratory “Finally caught one!” posts, and the delightful “bleh-I-caught-a -better-one” discussions that follow. Everyone seems to be in a quest to “Catch ’em all.”

I noticed that most of the people who were going a little craycray over the game were the late twenty-somethings and the early-thirty bunch. The pack of young professionals who once dreamt of becoming the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer but were left wailing in their cubicle offices. Now with the release of the brilliantly designed game, the calling is nigh. Everyone is out with their Poké balls (no, it’s not a pun).

People are exploring the outdoors and interacting with other trainers – an event so rare that it eclipses the birth of a star! The mundane seems to have metamorphosed in to the magical. The dire route to work looks mysteriously alluring. Who knows what exotic Pokemon lies there?

The die-hard fans literally grew up watching Pokemon. They’ve travelled with Ash, fought duels, and  spent their parent’s money collecting Pokemon cards. Then, spent their weekends fighting battles of epic proportions! This same group of people are the ones incurably in love with their 90’s throwback. They love their TV ads, 8-bit games and irreplaceable candy assortments.

All of this makes me wonder if we’re all suckers for nostalgia. After all, we never let go of our high school playlist and refuse to even update it. Pop culture lives and breathes through our own fondness of the beautiful past.

I personally feel like the current wave of Pokemon craze is highly linked to nostalgia. That through  these memories we navigate our way back to the good old days. We sink into these things and dig out our souls. Like a song that reminds you of your high school sweetheart and the pain that followed. Even though, time and distance has washed away the bitterness,  the song becomes symbolical of a bittersweet memory that you’ll cherish.

Whether you watched Pokemon as a kid or didn’t, is not relevant here. The whole craze has a deeper meaning to our existence – that – the universe knows we’d give back anything to revisit and relive our past; even if it means, chasing Pokemons with our friends on a rainy Sunday.

Perhaps, a reminder that these present moments are as beautiful as the memories of our past. That some day in the future we will reminisce of playing Pokemon GO and smile, wishing you could

catch all of ’em feelings!

Right? Right you are!


And since all of these lil’ monsters are so adorable, I couldn’t help but steal a look or two from them. Tell me what your favourite Pokemon is.

So much fun! Show us your Poke outfit too.

PS: Ignore the photo background. The background don’t matter. :p


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