What Exactly Is The Third Piece Rule? February 10, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion – Tags: , , , ,

About the Third Piece Rule… here’s the deal- It’s something we all have been consciously or unconsciously doing…until someone comes up with a name for it and it becomes a huge thing (similar to layering- here). So essentially the Third Piece Rule is when you add an extra element to your ensemble (not including the shoes). It can be anything from a blazer to a scarf or statement accessory. Many fashion houses including Banana Republic encourage their employees to practice the third piece rule as it automatically lifts up your outfit if you’re wearing something bland. It is known to add nuance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill ensemble…making you look more interesting and well put together. The shirt and pant is your first and second piece and the third piece isn’t something that you would need…but it would look great if you did throw it on. Easy! If you need to make a statement or look like you’ve spent some time and effort putting your outfit together when in reality you were having a pretty lazy day, then remember to add the third element! Ta-daa!

I’m wearing plain black shorts and a printed shirt. The third element I threw in is the oversized sleeveless blazer. Notice how the blazer makes all the difference and gives a slight edge to my otherwise dull oufit. 

So yay! Got another style hack right there. Let me know how you will be adding the third piece to your ensemble, I would really love to hear from you guys and in the process…learn more.

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