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Hold that thought.

“I absolutely love XYZ. She’s beautiful in every way. She could wear a jute bag and still look like a million bucks.” Magazines and videos work dedicatedly to make you copy a certain celebrity’s style. I bet you have your own favourite celebrity whom you emulate and obsess over. “I’m so swooned by XYZ that I stalk her everywhere from Instagram to magazine covers. She is the personification of perfection *drools*” Do you do the same? If yes, then here are a few tips on how to look like your favourite celebrity.

 How to look like your favourite celebrity.

Step 1


Yes, she’s beautiful. Her style is inspiring. Her body looks like a sketch of a skilful artist…almost flawless. Perhaps a tad bit too perfect or real. You see, the celebrities on magazine covers or movies undergo professional touch ups to look the way they do. There is an entire industry that exists to create that image. As the saying goes, “Even the model in the image doesn’t look like the model in the image”.

Step 2


It is human nature to adore beauty. Let’s do that. But let’s not obsess over technologically enhanced beauty and undermine our own uniqueness. We often forget that imperfection and individuality is what makes us human. I’ve had readers email me in desperation to advice them on how to get that hourglass figure like a certain actress. It’s easy to lie and ask them to follow a diet chart or live on chia seeds and work out like an Olympic athlete. But we all know that the daily struggle is resisting that burger and fries or digging that motivation to run every morning. What is important is that you make an effort to love yourself and appreciate your own beauty. And do so in a way that you work towards a better, healthier you – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Step 3


Be inspired but don’t scale yourself on that beauty chart. We all exist with flaws and that’s awesome. Our acceptance of it defines our individuality. We work on it and wear it with pride. We’re beaten by samosas and chocolates and that’s okay. Cause tomorrow we’ll still try to get better in our own way. Be your own idol.

In the words of Dr.Seuss,

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! 

 Love, A.

PS: This post is dedicated to the readers who’ve taken their time to write and share their feelings with me. You guys inspire me. 🙂

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