How To Take Care Of Embellished/Sequin Garments March 9, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion, How to – Tags: , , , , , , , ,

As glam as it may look and feel, wearing sequin can be as tricky as taking care of them. The spangles on these pieces are normally hand stitched and can be difficult to clean. The upside of sequin, however, is that you can’t/don’t wear it on an everyday basis so it is not as prone to getting dirty as your normal clothes. However, it is important you know how to store, handclean your delicate pieces so that they stay with your for a longer period of time (they’re timeless anyway).

How to take care of embellished/sequin clothes:

1. Avoid folding them

Folding the clothes may stress out the spangles and cause them to fall off. Normally sequin is sewn on the fabric using very delicate thread so it’s important to not pull that thread as it may break or bend the pattern of the sequin.
Tip: Hang them inside your closet or lay them flat inside your cupboard if you’re storing it for a longer duration.

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2. Hand wash them. Don’t be lazy!

We know hand washing clothes can be a pain in the ass sometimes but when it comes to embellished clothes, it is the best way out. You don’t wanna spoil a fab dress (which probably cost you more than your other dresses) by being lazy and throwing it inside the washing machine, do you?

Tip: Use cold water, mild detergent and turn the clothes inside out while you wash them. This reduces the friction on the spangles and prevent them from breakage.

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3. Don’t rub the stain

God forbid should your sequin dress get a nasty stain on it, remember to never ever rub the stain. This may cause the beaded pattern to break ruining the entire pattern in which they had been stitched.

Tip: Soak the dress or top in mild detergent and sail the cloth instead. If the stain is stubborn, then use a washcloth and dab on the stain.

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4. Don’t wring out the water

Our first instinct is naturally wringing our clothes when we’re done washing them. Don’t do that. Wringing will pull the thread holding the embellishments together and cause them to break.

Tip: After you’re done rinsing, get your garment drip dry for sometime. Lay it flat out to dry. Do not hang the garment as the water weight may stretch the fabric.

NOTE: Since these garments are mostly hand stitched, there may be few spangles that may fall off when you wear it. This is nothing but extra pieces that might have gotten stuck to other spangles during the stitching process. Should the stitched sequin fall, you can use a fabric glue or a similar coloured thread to sew the sequin back in place. 

Now go on and dazzle your way through town!