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How often have you sworn to get fit only to find yourself back with the same old habits? Or you watched a kickass motivational video, bought yourself workout gear, enrolled in a gym and then it all faded out in a month or two? The problem is so common that it ought to be declared as a viral medical condition. People fail to get fit not because of their lack of will or effort to get fit but because of their askew motive to begin in the first place. Here are some common mistakes people make.

1.Beginning with goals

Most people tie their fitness program to goals –  to lose weight,  to gain muscle, to fit in that dress. There’s nothing wrong with keeping goals, it is a good way to stay focussed. But as a beginner, it can become a major determinant in the success or failure of your endeavour. How? Well, as a novice, when you decide to live the fit life, you are armed only with motivation & willpower. You are without the most precious intangibles – self discipline, persistence and consistency. And as you go along, willpower often falls prey and exhausts itself. You can no longer run towards that goal with the same drive as you started in the first place. The result – the envisioned fit life dies a premature death. So what is a better way to begin?

My suggestion to you is to treat the fitness as a way of life,  as part of who you are, a task in your daily routine. Prepare your mindset to make room for exercise as something that you do everyday, like brushing your teeth. You don’t have a goal to brush your teeth. You just do it cause it is a part of your lifestyle. Something that has been embedded into your subconscious mind as a necessary task. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes. By including fitness as a lifestyle, you aren’t easily demotivated by setbacks. You miss some days and that’s okay. But you get back on it cause you enjoy it. You aren’t driven by a weight loss goal but by habit. And in the process you develop the necessary traits – self discipline and persistence -to finally focus on your body goals.

2. Focussing on setbacks

 When you decide to get healthier, you are effectively giving the best gift to yourself. With a healthy body, the mind is at ease. With exercise, vital chemicals are released in the brain that make you feel good. A wave of positive energy takes over. I believe that every individual who has gone for a morning run has experienced this bliss. So when you begin a fitness program, you notice these awesome changes. You feel awesome for a week and then by the second week, you start checking your goals. No weight loss, huh? Still no abs? Damn! Perhaps you’re the patient kind and you carry on. Perhaps not. Either way, some holes in the form of missed workouts and bad eating habits seep in to the fit life. It’s inevitable.

 What these setbacks do is critical! In combination with slow progress, the setbacks dampen your spirit. You begin to doubt yourself. Why am I even doing this? It doesn’t work at all. Screw it, I might just eat this whole pancake. It’s raining I rather rest and so on. The focus on setbacks become so dominant that the fit life you imagined has now become a pointless pursuit. The result catalyses the end of fit life. What people fail to do at such times is – to observe through a wider perspective and to give credit to themselves. Everyone fails. It is impossible to win everyday. There will be setbacks. But you need to see how far you’ve got. Even if you ran for just one single morning, it beats all the days you slept doing nothing. Even if you fail at your diet on a weekend, it beats the times you resisted a certain meal for the fit life. You got to take credit for that! You have to say, ‘I’ve done some powerful shit. I’m awesome.’ Don’t kill your own vibe! Allow setbacks. They are a part of the natural progression of change. Let them come and then release them. But hold on to your good work. Do not overkill the kill.

3. Clicking mirror selfies

This one is so weird cause I do it all the time. I’m so guilty. But hear me out. I believe that by measuring your progress with mirror selfies, you unknowingly sow the seeds of disappointment. How? How can checking progress be bad? Because if you’re a beginner and want to have that fit body, chances are it will take quite some time to get there. Sure, the beginning changes are visible and it’s cool. But as I’ve said before, fitness consists of many intangibles that are developed over a long period of time. So mirror selfies can be detrimental especially if you’re experiencing setbacks. They only highlight the setbacks. You begin with goals and focus only on your body so when the progress stalls or doesn’t show, it is easy to feel let down. But there is a deeper, more powerful perspective here. We, at Appycat, do not follow the fit life for the body.  All of the yoga, running and high intensity workouts are actually done for the mind. It is a process to inculcate self discipline, to gain will power, to develop persistency and to test how far the mind can go. If you’ve done intense work outs, you know that it’s a mind game. Fix a number and it’s your mind that takes you there. Without the mind, the body is easily defeated. The laziness breeds excuses over a weak mind. So instead of clicking mirror selfies for the body, engage in fitness for a unbreakable mindset. This will be an irresistible challenge. The fight to take over your own mind. Believe me, it’s the best experience you will have.

4. Cutting out everything you have been eating

Everytime we swear to get fit, the first thing we do is eliminate junk, carbs, all the sweetness in the world and wish upon the holy stars of fitness to bless you for all the sacrifice you’re making. This is, no doubt, a good thing but let’s be honest, this phase is rather short lived. After a few days, you’ll probably find yourself binging on the same things you have been. What needs to be done here is REPLACEMENT. We sure love our snacks and crunchy munchies, comfort food and our beloved tea time ritual…don’t give up on that. Instead, switch to a healthier form of snacking. We’re constantly striving and working towards becoming better so why not start from the basics. Why not enjoy all the good things this planet has to offer us instead of giving into junk? There is simply nothing to lose here. You’ll be having fun snacking on some yummy crunchies and keeping yourself healthy at the same time! SO. MUCH. WIN!
So the next time you go out to buy a bag of chips, think if it’s really worth it. You could do a lot better with a healthier version of equally tasty snacks from Snackibles. Make that switch. Strive for better and become the best version of you…in every damn way possible!

That’s all folks. See you with Part 2 soon. Let me know how these helped you. Let’s be awesome and do this together!

Love, Team A.

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