The Velvet Trend And Everything You Need To Know About It! March 15, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion, How to – Tags: , , , , , ,

It’s a well known fact that fashion always finds inspiration from its own history. In 2016, we saw a lot of trends that were inspired from the 70s and the 90s. Flared jeans from the seventies were mixed the nineties choker to create an ensemble that can be dubbed as the outfit of the year 2016. And this year, it’s all about VELVET!

A little history lesson for all you curious cats:

Although velvet is believed to be European nobility, its roots can be traced back to the East. Traces of velvet were found in China and Egypt dating back to several old dynasties. The fabric was typically woven from silk and process to create it was so time consuming and elaborate that it was considered a very high end luxury fabric available only for royals and the elite.

It was only after a couple of decades that velvet caught the eye of the Europeans and was traded along the Silk Route. Italy, then became one of the biggest producers of velvet and shipped all over Europe. Velvet symbolised wealth and luxury and it started being used even in the houses of the elite in the form of curtains, wall-paper, upholstery.

Moving on.

With the inception of the Industrial revolution, velvet production became a lot easier and cheaper. Hurray! Ergo, the fabric which was associated with ultimate luxury became cheaper and available for mass consumption. Thank you, technology! However, the charm and glam of velvet always remained. From the 20s flapper era till today, velvet is associated to glamour and luxe.

The new velvet

The late 80s and early 90s gave birth to modern velvet. Velvet was now thinner and had more wearability. It was loved by pop culture icons and worn frequently by people of all ages.

In fall 2016-17 collection, fashion giants like Prada, Gucci and Fendi pulled out the last big guns and seemed to have already declared the IT fabric of 2017. Runways were lit with the luxurious, vintage allure of velvet and this was velvet like we’ve never seen before.

From boyfriend blazers to ankle boots, velvet was the only thing you needed to amp up your style multifold this year.

There is but one concern that arises in our minds when we think of all things velvet. How do you wear velvet during the hotter days? Are the new velvet slips and slip dresses thinner?

And as always, fashion always has an answer. Velvet is now in with a chic spin to it and is much lighter *happy tears*! The fashion industry is currently having a major love affair with crushed velvet and we ain’t complaining. We’re hopping onto the velvet wagon, are you coming along?

Here are some key velvet pieces you’ll definitely be wearing this year:

Moss Green Patterned Velvet Midi Skirt With Beads

Frilled Velvet Blouse With Belt

Velvet Camisole With Sheer Blouse

Velvet cami dress with poplin blouse

Crushed Velvet Top With Faux Fur