How To Turn Yourself Into A Morning Person March 17, 2017 – Posted in: How to, Lifestyle – Tags: , , , ,

Though everyone agrees that early mornings are best suited to freshen up your body, mind and spirit; not everyone can actually wake up to enjoy the bliss of a sunrise. Many try in vain while others deem it impossible to get out of bed.

Many successful individuals through history, from the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Tim Cook Abraham Lincoln to John Abraham, have acknowledged their morning routine as a factor of their success. The problem for late-risers isn’t caused by ignorance as much as by their inability to change their routine. So here are our 5 tips to help you bring back those morning sunshines into your life.

1. The Realistic Alarm

If you’ve consistently woken up at say, 10 am for the past few weeks or months, then setting an alarm for 5 am isn’t a wise option. You might be super motivated for one day and respond to the alarm but eventually it’s gonna be extremely hard to make such monumental shift in your sleep-wake pattern. So here’s The Realistic Alarm setting, how about setting it at, say 7:30 or 8:00 and gradually pushing it back further? Doing this helps your mind ease into a new habit and at the same time, allows you to achieve your target thus paving the way for a positive day ahead.

2. Digital Curfew at 10 pm

This is no brainer – you sleep early to wake up early. But when you’ve been awake surfing net or playing games till 2 in the morning everyday, it is hard to sleep early. Thus, foot a bill on the podium of your bedroom then vote unanimously for the complete shutdown of all electronic gadgets by 10 pm every night. Bored? Grab a book. Read! And since, you haven’t read in awhile chances are that the sight of sepia coloured pages will trigger your pineal gland to release sleep hormones.

3.   The Dark Room

Ideally, you should be sleeping in a pitch dark room with no blue light interference from your devices. This helps with proper REM/NREM cycles that help your body repair itself and yes, burn lots and lots of calories. So if you wanna nudge that metabolism or if you’re on a weight loss program, sleep is vital. (I didn’t say, over-sleep!)

4. The Grand Breakfast

Always plan an exciting breakfast, always! Think of this as a treat to yourself. Choose a nice recipe that replaces your bland coffee and biscuit routine. Peel up some fruits, pour a juice or fix a hot pancake. Have this meal pre-planned before you sleep and this simple meal becomes a mini-event that you look forward to.

5. 3 Glass Fix

Personally, I used to consider the alarm clock as the best human invention of all time until Snooze came along. Snooze button came in and ruined the entire thing, the whole purpose of it. The once mighty roaring alarm quickly devolved into a docile cat. So here’s something you insert between the Alarm and the Snooze – 3 Glass Fix. You keep a giant glass and water by your bedside and the first thing you do is drink 3 off of it. Doesn’t matter if you wanna snooze but drink 3. The bowels and waste department will take care of your bedtime if you’re back in bed now. The water, ideally, works better if you’ve got some chopped pieces cucumber, lemon, mint or watermelon. Detoxifies your body, it does. So, 3 Glass Fix, cool?

Follow our 5 Tips to become a morning person. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the early birds. Marvel at the newspaper boy’s talents. Congratulate yourself. Now go make that grand egg benedict breakfast!