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The WarmUp

The indispensable first step to any workout has to be, The Warmup. Not only does it help you prevent injuries but it also enhances your workout performance. A warmup involves actively engaging the muscles and joints of your body, either by stretching or rotating, to loosen up the stiffness and prepare for a higher load of workout. Sequences of such routine varies depending upon the type of activity you perform. Eg. a yoga warmup will be different from a weightlifting warmup.
I’m gonna share with you my basic warmup that I perform for 15 mins everyday prior to running, yoga or calisthenics. I’ve found this routine to be extremely effective for all body types and has personally helped me develop more flexibility while drastically reducing injuries. The best part of is, its really simple. All the movements are categorised as follows:
  1. Kicks
  2. Rotations
  3. Stretches


You begin with the kicks! So you’re doing this inside your room or out in the park or at the dance floor, who knows? The point is that you do ‘em properly. Follow the grand illustrations drawn by a master post-renaissance expressionist to start.
Knee to Chest Kicks – Stand with legs shoulder-width apart and raise one leg till your knee touches your chest. Needless to say, you do these with some vigour and perform repetitions.
Toe to Finger Kicks – From your normal standing position, extend right arm forward. Now kick your right leg up without bending your knee whilst your toe touches your palm/fingers.
Elbow to Knee Kicks – We’re going side ways now. With your hand placed at the back of your head, raise your leg sideways. While kicking, you must arch your upper body such that your elbow and knee come as close as possible. Switch sides. Repeat.


These are extremely simple – you rotate every major joint in your body in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.
Ankles, Knees, Waist, Shoulders, Wrists, Neck. Every single one of ‘em (or two of ‘em in some cases)
But what about finger joints, you ask. Are you a professional tickler? No? So, leave the fingers alone.


Similar to rotations but easier. See between every two joints, you’ve got a stretch of muscle. Eg. between your ankle and knee lies your calf muscles OR between your wrist and your elbow lies your forearm muscles. So you’ve got to stretch all of them. Use the following guide and stretch.
So, if you’re starting a fitness program this is for you. But make sure you don’t make the noob mistakes of the fit life. If you’re working outdoors, keep yourself hydrated and always wear sunscreen.
Image credits: Freepik