8 Styling Tricks That Work Wonders For Short Girls March 21, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion, How to – Tags: , , ,

Just like any other body type, being short can come with numerous pros and cons. I’m a 5’1 myself – not tall, never was, never will be. This has never stopped me from experimenting and wearing whatever I desire but there are few tricks I have learnt along the way that always makes dressing a tad bit easier. Although there isn’t any hard and fast rule on how you should or should not dress and that’s the last thing we wanna do too…but knowing the right hacks for your body type may help you create a better ensemble. Here are 8 styling tricks that can work wonders if you fall on the shorter end of the scale!

1. NO Ankle Straps

If you’re wearing dresses, shorts, skirts or even jeans cuffed at the hem, then it is best to avoid shoes with ankle straps. What they do is, they cut your legs and make them appear shorter. What you wanna do is elongate your legs by wearing shoes that make your legs appear slender.

2. NUDE Shoes FTW!

Ergo, it is best you wear shoes that narrow down towards your toes. Or just anything in nude!

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3. Tuck That Shirt In

If you are short and you can still rock the “Oversized tee” trend, then you go girl! But for most of us, the oversized trend isn’t the most flattering trend. Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean one can follow everything shot at us. What you gotta do is stay true to your aesthetics and create your own style. Short girls (petite and curvy) should tuck in their shirts. Neat, structured silhouettes flatter this bodytype. You can do the half-tuck, tie it up, experiment!

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4. High Waisted Everything!

Gotta take advantage of this one! Not only do high waisted pants and skirt look super cool, they also create an illusion of super long slender legs. God bless whoever created high waisted pieces!

5. Embrace the V-neck

V-neck and deep necklines are known to elongate your look and are known to work better than high necks on short girls.

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6. Bye Big Bags

Opt for smaller messenger bags or satchels if you’re going out. Save the bigger bags for travelling or such rare instances.

7. Go Monochrome or stick to smaller prints

If you wanna stick to a certain trend, then we’ve got one word – Minimalism. Sticking to a single colour palette always works. If you are are into prints, then opt for smaller prints.

8. Go long or short. There is no in-between.

Yes, the midi hemline has been on the rise but for all of us tinies? Not so flattering. If you’re going short, go short or go the maxi way. Both mini and maxis are figure flattering silhouettes and you already know how to work them to your advantage.

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