Going out this weekend? Get The Not-so-party party look in no time! March 23, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion, How to – Tags: , , ,

Everyone loves a little weekend glam – big bold heels, comfy chic shoes, big hair, funky hair, done, undone…music that seeps in vibrating through your soul, the whisky, the sound of sequin, the allure of satin dresses and those velvet slits so high they’d make your head spin. After all, you did not just work an entire week, which probably felt like three hundred years, to simply stay home and do your chores. We know.

So while you wait impatient and restless for a much deserved night out with your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, your new lover, a long lost lover orrr let’s face it, a tinder date (hello, new age dating scene)…we’ve got some rad outfit ideas you can try at your disposal! Thanks to the fashion world, the 70s is still big this year – the sequin, the bell bottoms, the fringes, the velvet…the whole shebang!

If you’re a retro-glam enthusiast like all of us here, then look no further because we have done all the hard rock for you. So sip on that wine while you browse through some of our favourite, not your run-of-the-mill party pieces:

Velvet with faux fur. Click here to stop!

Rolling Stones Sequin Top. Click here to shop!

Frilled suede dress. Click here to shop!

Logo sequin dress. Click here to shop!

Frilled velvet blouse. Click here to shop!

Shop the entire collection here and here!

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Have fun!!