Is dressing down the new dressing up? March 29, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion – Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

      Basics are having a moment right now and we’re basking it all in. When flatforms, Birkenstocks, loose t-shirts and comfy jeans made it to the fashion front, we had nothing but smiles on our faces. Let your tight fitted, cut-to-fit design dresses and high heels rest awhile and fish out your old tshirts, well worn sweatshirts from high school. Dress down, dress like you don’t care, dress basic and suddenly you’re the most fashionable person in town! Now, don’t we all love that!

            Normcore, the anti-fashion fashion trend took the fashion world by storm . In a deliberate attempt to step away from the over saturated fashion market, labels like Celine and the top dogs of the industry like Karl Lagerfeld (the Chanel grocery-store show), Alexander Wang took to “brand-less” clothing which trickled down the runways and high end retailers all over the world.

            Those exhausting days of trying to find the right brand, the right shoes, towering heels and structured dresses are long gone. Phew! Normcore focusses on fitting in rather than standing out. It is a detail free, anonymous design. It is barely audible and inconspicuous as it comes. The blandness of Normcore makes your personality shine through and celebrates your individuality.
             A trend that rejects trends, anti-fashion fashion..confused? It’s all about outfits that make a statement without screaming out loud. It’s about in-your-face slogan t-shirts and just having fun with fashion whilst looking effortlessly cool.


#Nofilter slogan tee from PrintOctopus

Nothing speaks out this trend more than the basic slogan tees and blue jeans. A quirky way to do up your basics would be to just slap on a cool slogan or print on ’em and you’re good to go. If you’re a slogan tee enthusiast like I am, then look no further because the good folks at The PrintOctopus will have all your sartorial needs sorted. I got mine, what’s yours?

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