How To Wear Fishnet Stockings This Season March 30, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion, How to – Tags: , , , ,

This trend is killing the internet, in all the right ways.

The incredibly sexy bordering on cool, sorta tacky but extremely punk – we’re talking about fashion’s latest obsession – Fishnets. First seen at the New York Fashion Week, the fishnet stockings have become the most “instagrammable fashion #ootd” star. Thanks to the giants of fashion such as Simone Rocha, Balmain, Ashley Williams to name a few, these badness nets were popping up everywhere – from the runway to the streets and now it has flooded yours and mine and everybody’s Instagram feed.

As with most trends in current fashion scene, this trend has made its way back up from the 80s. This new wave or craze of these sleek cutout stockings has little to do with it’s fabulous past. This is fishnet like you’ve never seen before. Streetstyle stars are incorporating these stocking into their favourite fashion pieces like ripped denim and raw hems and has given it a completely new meaning altogether.

The immense popularity and appeal of fishnet stockings draws credit from it’s versatility. The item has huge potential in turning any ensemble into sexy, goth or just down-right tacky. Ergo, wearing fishnets is all about creativity and having some styling tricks under your sleeves.

Here are a few cool tips on how to wear fishnet stocking this season:

1. Wear them under your ripped jeans. And I mean, ripped as in distressed to the core. 

2. Put some edge into your preppy skirt by sliding on them nets.

3. Two words – Fishnet socks. This is by far my favourite way to do fishnets. It makes a statement without screaming out loud.

4. Wear it with sneakers

5. Wear the stockings as it with minis and thigh highs. 

6. Lastly, the massive fishnet trend that is the fishnet waist band popping up from your jeans. Easy to do – just wear your stockings under your jeans and pull the stockings from the underside. Don’t know how I feel about this on, but if you can rock it, you go girl! 

How do you like to style them?