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Body cleansing or detox has been practiced for thousands of years. The Greeks, Romans, monks and several others have used fasting, water cleansing or detoxing to reboot their body and rid certain ailments. Our Appycat Team does two detox sessions every six months. This will be our 6th detox week in 3 years.

Our primary motive initially was to fight fatigue, bloating, low energy and to lose some stubborn fat and remedy some recurrent skin problems. Needless to say, it has made quite an impact on us to try it for the 6th time.

This is a simple 5 day detox. Beginners can do a 3 day too. We’ll distill the nuances of the process into 5 easy steps.

1. Remove

All processed food. No sugar, alcohol, soda, packed juice, caffeine. Say no to meat, grains and dairy products.

how to detox your body 1

2. Eat

Only fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Think salads. Cold-pressed juice. Smoothies.

how to detox your body 2

3. Drinks lots and lots and lots of water

 Keep yourself hydrated. Make infused drinks at home. Chop some cucumber, watermelon, mint leaves and add a dash of lemon to your water jug. Sip on it like your life depended on it.

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4. Start and End your day with Herbal tea

 These contain green tea mixed with essentials such as lemongrass, orange peels, marigold petals and tulsi leaves. They are vital for removing toxins, clearing skin and maximising the benefits of your detox.

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5. Sweat

Take some time to do a light workout. As your body starts to feel lighter, take advantage of it and push in some runs or perform Sun salutations.

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I understand that doing this will not be easy. Here’s what has helped me nail these 5 steps.

  1. Get rid of all food that fall under the ‘Remove’ category.

  2. Create a shopping list that only includes ‘Eat’ category. Leave no room for temptation.

  3. Use just 1 single bottle or jar to drink from. This helps you keep track of your water intake.

  4. Stock herbal tea: Unless you own a farm with herbs, it’s generally a good idea to purchase these. There are lots in the market now. I use Gardner Street tea. It’s the best that you can find in India.

  5. Perform 5 minute workout. Don’t plan big rather begin small. Do pushups or jump ropes or 5 sets of Surya Namaskar.

Do let me know how your detox experience was in the comments below. Do write to me if you need help starting or achieving your detox goals.