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Most often people find themselves gaining weight despite eating healthy proportioned meals. Worse yet, some put on kilos while working out and controlling diet. Sure, there are other health related issues such as prescribed medication, hypothyroidism, hormonal balances etc. but we’re looking into common factors other than food that can make you gain weight.

If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight or seem to be gaining mysterious pounds or simply looking forward to lose some, here are 4 factors that you need to be aware of:

1. Sleep

Lack of sleep deprives your body from complete recovery. We tend to burn most number of calories while we’re asleep. So missing out on a good night’s sleep or having an improper sleep schedule can work against you. Hormones, such as Leptin which signals satiety and Ghrelin which signals hunger and stimulates appetite, can go on a wild spiral when your body is not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep has shown to increase ghrelin and decrease leptin levels, thus making you extra hungry and less able to tell you that you are full.

2. Stress

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When you are stressed, your body releases a response hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for preparing your body to face life-threatening situations thus causing extra storage of fat, reduction in metabolism and water-salt retention in your body. The end result is weight gain.

3. Water

If you fail to keep yourself hydrated, the body takes this as a signal of crisis. It hoards salt, water and other necessary electrolytes but then it also stimulates hunger. “Eat now! Eat fast or we die!” So maintaining optimum hydration not only helps your skin, mind and organs but also staves off unnecessary weight gain.

4. Habits

What I mean by habits is your response to stress or other emotional states. So when you find yourself depressed or lonely or bored, eating becomes your go-to activity. But you’re not eating salad, you are digging pasta, candies, ice cream or sweets. This little event gives you some relief and happiness. Well, that’s caused by serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’. The reason why this habit works against you is that unconsciously wire your brain to select ‘eating’ as a stress response. Thus, weight gain! So what you need to do dive into other habits that give you happy-high. Go for a run! Be one with nature. Indulge in creative pursuits. Lift some weights. Dance.

I hope this helps you keep you healthy and happy. Please leave your comments and share this if you agree. If you’re working out, check out Warm up routine and tips on How to Detox your body.