#ASKAPPY: “I try to work out but I get lazy, how can I change that?” June 18, 2017 – Posted in: How to, Lifestyle

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Hi Appycat, I really admire your fitness posts on Instagram. It seems that you work out almost everyday. How can I do that? I know exercise benefits me but I’m too inconsistent or lazy to do it on a daily basis. Is there any secret to this?


Hi Trisha, Thank you for writing in. That’s a great question and there’s certainly no secret behind my fitness routine. I believe a lot of us face the same problem when it comes to working out on a daily basis. Most of us are aware of what is good for us but we struggle to act on that information. I’ll try to breakdown what has worked me.

I believe the fuel behind what you do primarily comes from why you do it in the first place. I use this belief system since it helps me find a more convincing, intrinsic reason to act on something.

Over the years, my answer to “Why workout” has undergone fundamental changes. Here’s how:

Why: I need to lose weight to fit into that dress.

Why: My friends are slim and I am gaining weight steadily

Why: I look chubby and I don’t like it

These were the reasons I had when I started. It was about a dress then it became about peers and eventually about my own image. They were powerful motivating cues that pushed me towards fitness but I could never really sustain that motivation. I found myself losing that drive and spending months on break between two workouts. One could hardly label this as working out. It was similar to hype-driven action that fizzled out sooner than it began.

These reasons DO NOT work and I’ll tell you why.

Moving on,

I started digging deeper than just image, peer pressure or a dress fit. I wanted a steady motivation backed by deep rooted reasons. Here’s how they filtered out:

Why: I know I can look fitter and be better

Why: I wanna look and feel better

Why: I deserve to be closer to my best version

Why: I need to be my best version.

Why: I am an on-going under construction human heading towards my best version.

The gist of the answer is that you need to find a very very deep rooted, untouchable, unseeable, unbreakable reason to why you want to workout. It involves isolating yourself and finding yourself and being honest about where you are and then make the decision to become who you want to be.

Reasons such as weight loss, body goals etc. do not work is that… they are goal based. They work on the outside and are primarily driven by gusts of motivation which runs out during tough times. What we need is a reason so strong that it propels you forward even on the worst days. Just knowing “Yea, this is for me. No one else. One step at a time” gives you patience, self-discipline and focus.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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Thank you for the beautiful question.

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