It’s never too late to be who you wanna be! July 1, 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle

It’s hard to imagine that as a kid, we dreamt of spending our adult life inside cubicle offices, working till dusk, waiting on a boss, wearing ourselves out on the traffic way back home. Worse yet, we’d never fathom we’d do this every day for a living. Yet we do. It pays to dig into nostalgia and reminisce our days as a child – brave, adventurous, happy, bigger versions of ourselves. Though we’ve grown up now, our dreams have gotten smaller with age.

This post is for those who still hold traces of their childhood dreams and for those that are re-discovering their way to what truly makes them happy. You must have loved to paint or to sing, to pose or to create. You must have imagined yourself designing or campaigning or fighting or writing. But with the onset of age, social conditioning and over two decades of education, you now find yourself unsure of your own talents and aspirations. We’re here to encourage you to SHOW YOUR WORK!

No not that boring work you despise, save that for your LinkedIN. We mean show us those parts of you that make the core of you. The vocation that fulfills you and gives meaning to your efforts. Share that with us. Do not wait for perfection. You must be rusty but that’s okay as long as you begin again, the flow will find you and your work will improve steadily. It’s never too late to begin. The only sin would be to never try at all. Don’t be shy. Start now, start small. Let it be foolish, let it be laughable, who cares as long as you are happy doing it. Keep at it.

Capture those moments, write those words, paint the pictures and move with the beats. Stir up mobs, beat the rules, drive that truck, take that trip. With whatever constraints that bind you now – yours and your surroundings – embrace them, make the best of what you have. The perfect time to start will perhaps never knock on our doors. So let’s be brave to begin now and call this our moment.

Our team urges you to share and hold nothing back. We’re not perfect but we’re moving. We love words so we’re writing. We love ideas so we share them. We believe in oneness so we reach out to you to join us.

Tag @appycatstreet with your work. It could be a dance, a song, a composition, a photo, design, food, travel, anything. Show us your work, don’t be shy.

“..but if you never try, you’ll never know. Just what you are”