Things You Didn’t Know About Fidget Spinners! July 7, 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle – Tags: , , ,

I’ll assume that you’re not fresh out of hibernation especially since we’re equidistant from the winter months. Plus, imagine what hibernation on these damp, moist monsoon season would feel like. Damn, you’d literally have no qualms storing food with all the insects breeding around you. Okay, I seem to have drifted way off-topic right at the start. And yes, my second assumption would be that you’ve seen one of these spinny thingies called Fidget Spinners.

But what are these things, anyway?

It’s a toy with a central bearing and 2 or 3 pronged, flat structure that spins with cool sustained momentum primarily due to low friction, thus giving a pleasing sensory experience.


Kinda. Well, it’s a spinning toy.

fidget spinner

But why is it so popular?

Fidget spinner is one of the fads that hits the Earth every now and then. Remember, water bottle flipping? Dabbing, planking, Yoyos, stress balls? Like any other trend, this one is fun, addictive and so popular that you just wanna be a part of the whole movement.

Fidget spinners were actually marketed as a tool to help children with ADHD. It was claimed that playing with these spinny things actually helps relieve stress.

fidget spinner

Is it true?

Well, there is no scientific evidence to prove its effect. But it’s fun to play with.

Who started the Fidget spinners, anyway?

You’ll be surprised to know that this toy has been around for over 20 years now. Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer from Israel, is supposedly credited for inventing this device back in 1993. But then there have been patent issues so it’s inconclusive as to who wins the cake.

However, the recent popularity is a cumulative result of great marketing backed by well-timed features by companies such as Forbes and Amazon. Resounding waves of Youtube videos and posts by Instagram users around the globe made the spinny things the toy of the year 2017.

Where can I get one?

Sellers such as CITRA  are selling fidget spinners on Amazon India.

Will this trend last?

Are you still dancing to Gangnam Style? So, no. Fidget spinners have peaked during the past 3 month period so we’re guessing that’s about as high as they will get. Honestly, we’re waiting for the next fad – a unicorn hat with rainbow lights maybe?

fidget spinner

And that’s about it for the spinny ones. We hope you got to ride this wave. Please subscribe to the blog for more interesting posts.