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Fashion has been around since time immemorial. Over the course of its evolution, it has seen innovations and changes. In our quest to dig up some dirt, we found mildly interesting facts instead. Here’s a list of fun fashion facts:

1. Boys actually wore dresses! Up until 1910, it was totally common for little lads to wear dresses till they were 5 or 6 years old. 

2. You could get arrested for wearing a one-piece bathing suit to a beach. Women in Boston fell victims to this in 1907. What a way to spoil a perfectly sunny beach day. 

3. Wearing a bikini was declared a sin by the Vatican. It was banned in Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Australia, shortly after its debut. Thank god all of that has changed now. 

4. Have you seen those really smart army uniforms with brass buttons? Well, Napoleon Bonaparte was so sick of seeing his soldiers wiping their noses on their uniforms that he set out to sew brass buttons to discourage them from wiping mucus on their chest. Ew? Good on him, though.

5. Pink was not a girly colour, it was for the boys! Pink for girls and blue for boys is a relatively new phenomenon: A 1918 catalog advised blue for girls because it was a “much more delicate and dainty tone” and pink for boys because “it’s a stronger and more passionate color, and because it’s actually derived from red.” Cool find!

6. The most expensive bra ever!! In 2001 Victoria’s Secret created a bra with 1,200 pink sapphires and a 90-carat emerald-cut diamond centerpiece. They called it the Heavenly Star Bra. The name seems to fit cause it’s valued at a whopping $12.5 million.

7. High heels were worn by both men and women. Men wore them because the heel allowed for extra stability when riding horses — it kept the foot secure in stirrups. Plus, it was considered royal novelty to wear heels. By around 1740, the trend had died out.

8. Seen white wedding gowns? Well, before a certain royal wedding, wearing white was traditionally associated with mourning. All that changed when Queen Victoria decided to have an all White wedding! Themed parties can change the world, I tell you. 

9. The Ancient Greeks exercised naked.  In fact, this is where our word “gymnasium” comes from; γυμνός (gymnos) which means naked in Ancient and Modern Greek. (Thank God it din’t last!)

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