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Ladies, take your picnic baskets out because Gingham is trending (not for your table but for you). This summer seems to belong to the humble checks that we often overlook or pay no attention to. The fashion world decided to pick up this utilitarian fabric and revive it and how! You can always count on giants like Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors to create magic with the ordinary. The trend quickly trickled down from the runways to the streets before you could say Jack Robinson.

I say ordinary because here’s a very short history lesson for you.

Before gingham became the “Anna Wintour approved street style hit” that we see now, it was used to make clothes for the working class in Europe and in the United States. Gingham was then associated with domesticity and used across homes as tablecloth, dishcloth, aprons and the works.

gingham 1

In 1937, the superhit movie “Wizard of Oz” showed gingham in a completely new light. You guessed it – Dorothy! Dorothy’s gingham pinafore is not just iconic when it comes to fashion but it is also significant of the era when war prevailed and gingham was readily available and affordable for everyone to use accordingly to their whims and fancies.

As the years passed by, pop icons such as Katharine Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe sealed the deal – gingham would forever be etched as one of the classics.

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Fun fact: Contrary to the popular checkered print associated with gingham today, it was originally a fabric that had stripes and not checks. It was imported to Europe in the early nineteenth century from India, the checks were actually the surface detail of the fabric. But now the checks are synonymous with the fabric.

This year we are witnessing a serious gingham revival. New silhouettes and styles have given a completely new makeover to the old. Isn’t that the beauty of fashion? Conjuring up nostalgia for simpler times and mixing it with the present. The vintage flair of gingham juxtaposed with modern glam is everywhere today and we ain’t complaining.

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