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There are many ways people understand the word ‘depression’ and nearly all of them are wrong. Whether it is our social conditioning that has stigmatized this word or our collective fear to not be remotely related to it, either way, we’re not facing the issue so much as avoiding, running and hiding from it. The truth is much more simpler than what we as individuals and as a society perceive it as – that depression is merely another illness. But we’re aware of what reactions one would receive for comparing it with common cold or diarrhea. Say what you will but I’d argue that there are no grave distinctions between physical health and mental health. They are not mutually exclusive but rather inclusive in the single term – HEALTH. However, the term mental health will be used in this series to distinguish the posts written specially for other physical activities.

While body ailments arise from a myriad of causes that depletes sense of physical wellness. Similarly, depression and other such forms, rise from events, experiences or chemical imbalances that diminishes a person’s happiness and self-worth. But we still think and act very differently when we address these two. There is no shame in seeking help for unstoppable excretion activities or for discovering that mysterious patches are overtaking your skull which once housed luscious black hair. But there are hush tones while talking about depression. There are names labelled for those struggling from it. This is a series where we fight this illogical, inane, and downright hypocritical stigma against depression.

Let’s talk about depression.

The best place to start is from the heart. There is no shame you should feel if you’re suffering from depression. Would you hide and play pretence if you suffered from mucus overflowing through your beautiful oval shaped nostrils? No? So, let’s get that out of the way – acceptance. Acceptance that depression is like any other disease and just because there isn’t a physical tissue rotting or tooth decaying doesn’t mean you have to hide it. Just like any other disease, this needs help and you must not hide away. Like any other, depression will take time to heal and feel normal again. Understanding the power of acceptance without a single shred of guilt, self-hate or embarrassment is the first step towards recovery and a massive leap towards changing our perception of mental illness. Acceptance allows a person to not see herself as a dysfunctional, defective specimen but as a human going through a difficult phase. This mindset dispels self-loathing which can be so destructive – the urge to destroy or perish within. You need not label yourself anything even if there are ignorant people doing so. You need not feel defective even if you feel defeated. These are, undoubtedly, terrible dark times but they are not bigger than you. Depression is not invincible, you are.

So I encourage anyone feeling low to share with their loved ones or write to us, to accept this as it as – not as something cursed but as any other illness. This article, by far, is a miniscule part of mental health and we’re not trained professionals that claim authority but the idea is to support each other, understand its nature and eventually find ways to heal. We will be publishing posts on depression and mental well-being, we hope you participate with us boldly.

Lots of love.

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