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As we close out 2017 and head towards the New Year, one can’t help feel the curtains drawing down on everything that has happened. The best part of any ending is the possibility of a new beginning and that’s what makes New Year’s Day so exciting. It symbolizes a fresh start, a turn of the page in the book of our lives. And we honor it with gusto to make serious changes, we ride the wave into the new year and possibly a new chapter of our lives. We call these decisions, Resolutions.

We vow to get fit or quit smoking or read or write more – sometimes planning all these things at once. You get the drift, right? A surge in motivation to change. A mindset to get better. But how many of these goals do you accomplish in a year’s time? Studies suggest 80% of the people fail by February while just a meager 8% actually achieve their goals. Sounds familiar?

If you’re one of us who had vowed to bring change and failed OR if you are someone looking to kick some serious ass come this new year. This is for you. To completely understand the nuances of nurturing change into our lives, we must understand the fundamental foundational tenets of habit-formation. And we don’t want you to just read this but to actively participate with us. You can use #My2018 and tag us @appycatstreet to join. It is that simple. But first..

Why do we fail?

  1. TOO MANY GOALS: I know it’s tempting to swoop all the dust at once and shine forth a new you. But that’s just gonna drain all the motivation and fizzle out in an instant. Real-lasting-changes take time and patience. There are no shortcuts. This understanding is extremely important. Patience and focus.                                                                                                                
  2. LACK OF SELF-DISCIPLINE: If you have not significantly done things that require self-discipline and willpower, chances are a New Year will not magically unearth this vital arsenal for you. Self-discipline takes many years of deliberate conscious effort. Again, patience and effort.                                                                                                                                                                      
  3. LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY: It’s easy to quit if you don’t have anyone monitoring you. Sure, you tried, things got tough and you quit. No biggie. But to be successful, you really need to be a part of a community that you can count on to motivate you while also helping others with their goals. Team Appy will be your accountability partner. Think New Year resolution police officer. Oh yeah!                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  4. LACK OF PREPARATION: Anything worth having does not come easy. You must prepare for it, mentally, physically and emotionally. There will be failures, rough days and frustrations. But with proper preparation, you can weather the storm and head towards your goals. An example would be, a goal to wake up at 5 am. You will have to train to slowly ease in..7am perhaps, then 6 and maybe 5 am. You will have to prep for it the night before. Have you set the alarm? Are you on Instagram at midnight? Have you set something exciting to look forward to? So, you see the prep is a prediction of your success.

Our intention here is to start the prep now, a month before the New Year. We will use this time to assess our level of discipline, commitment and focus. Only then, can we be serious about change. This prep will help build momentum as we make small victories that will help us gain confidence and then we take the momentum of small success to tackle bigger challenges.

To participate, you need to tag us @appycatstreet and use #My2018. Our small team might not be able to accommodate and track everyone so we’re counting on all participants to help us and each other to get this done. We suggest you have very clear goals and reasons to chase them. Let’s get it on. In part 2 of this blog, we will delve into creating effective solutions to succeed. Ready?