Who is an Alpha Girl?

She is a leader among us. She inspires and empowers. She’s the one we look up to. It’s not the fame, not the face but it’s everything about what you do that leaves an Alpha trace.  Alpha embraces her weirdness, she wears it on her chin. She could be a writer, a singer, an artist, a model, a social worker, a survivor. She could be you.

Why are we looking for an Alpha Girl?

We believe Alphas will serve as a role model for hundreds of girls.

What do we want to do with Alpha Girl community?

We want you to be the face of our community. Your work, your story will be a source of inspiration to many. Team Appycat will work online to create a platform. We will work offline to visit rural villages and pledge our support to fund the education, health and security of girls in rural India. One step at a time, one life at a time. Together with our community, we aim to make a difference.

What happens once you get selected?

You could be a painter, a writer, a blogger, model, creator, anything at all. The point is we deeply value you and believe in your potential to inspire others. We will promote your work regardless of what field you might be in. We will curate stories based on the photos or information given by you. You will be our Top Priority should we organise any sort of event. You will be an indispensable part of AppyCat Street fam. Needless to say, our store will provide an Alpha with exclusive advantages, if she wishes to shop at our website.

Meet our Alpha Girls!